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Survivors Returns

The Forbidden Planet International web site reports the BBC has confirmed that it has concluded a deal with the estate of the late Terry Nation to create a new version of the cult 70s science fiction show Survivors. Nation, well-known… Read More ›

Top Books of 2007

Publishers Weekly has posted a listing of the comics chosen for the print magazine’s “Best Books of 2007”. The books chosen for the Comics section include British creators Bryan Talbot’s Alice in Sunderland and Nick Abadzis’s Laika, along with Adrian… Read More ›

Thumpculture hits the Web

Brilliant artist Neill Cameron, whose career I’ve followed for years, has been in touch to “casually mention” that he’s finally had a chance to get back to stunning strip Thumpculture. “I recently completed the first ‘issue’ online at, and… Read More ›