Digital Comics

Including web comics and titles release for tablets.

Venal Muse Goes Online

(Via: Richard Bruton of Fictions): Small press artist Marc Ellerby has just made Venal Muse, his mini comic from 2006, available in its entirety online. ‘I drew this in late 2006, but I think it eventually came out around February… Read More ›

Highway Robbery Comics

British creators David Hailwood and Tony Suleri (artist on Cosmogenesis) have a a new webcomic online via Bulletproof Comics ( Highway Robbery features the adventures of ape bounty hunter Pubba Gintaro, as he defends the population of Hounddog City from… Read More ›

Legend of Bill Begins

Cartoonist David Reddick has unveiled his new webcomic and labour of love, Legend of Bill. “It’s a series set in a realm of swords, sorcery and stupidity!,” says David, who I’ve known for a while now since my time editing… Read More ›

The Return of Paper?

British comic creator Adam York Gregory has just released his new book based on his webcomic, The Flowfield Unity — but has abandoned trying to sell it by Print On Demand in favour of a tried and tested distrIbution method… Read More ›

Never Been Exhibtion Online

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): Never Been, the giant comic strip that exhibited on the walls of Projekts MCR skateboard park in Manchester earlier this year is now online at The exhibition , both real and virtual, is the… Read More ›

Comic Creation As It Happens

Website NewTeeVee reports that the hugely popular online comics Penny Arcade and PVP have begun live-casting their cartoon artists as they create the sites’ Web comics. Webcams pointed at computer desktops follow the process through the completed script. Each live… Read More ›