Digital Comics

Including web comics and titles release for tablets.

Modern Tales adopts CBR

The Modern Tales suite of websites, which publishes the work of webcomics creators such as the brilliant Roger “Fred the Clown” Langridge has just announced it’s to offer select longform comics in the downloadable CBR format. This is a pretty… Read More ›

DRM free e-comics for sale

Couple of interesting links sourced via BoingBoing: Pullbox Online ( is a new site selling downloadable comics, like the print version of ‘Family Guy’. Unusually, instead of offering a Digitally Rights Managed ebook format, they’re supporting the CBR format, and… Read More ›

DC Comics Collected Editions

A staggering 200 titles from the DC Comics backlist are showcased online now at, each with cover art, three interior story pages, and content descriptions. The newly-posted site updates the previous version of the DC Graphic Novels webpage and… Read More ›