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Artist Jon Haward Interviewed

The Classcial Comics project to make literature contemporary and relevant through comics is ambitious, but has received high praise educators and actors, including Royal Shakespeare Company fellow and Star Trek icon Patrick Stewart.On the launch of the second Classical Comics… Read More ›

Small Pressers Appeal

Comics columnist and downthetubes contributor Matthew Badham will be speaking at a comics and animation conference, The Aesthetics of Trash at Manchester University at the end of August and is appealing for information from small press publishers. “I’m going to… Read More ›

I’m being interviewed!

I’ve been interviewd for an upcoming ‘Nightgig’ podcast about the comics to mobile project I help run at Rok Comics. The interview covers the company’s $10,000 Humour Comic competition which runs until end August 2007 — and the opportunities ROK… Read More ›

Graphic Novels by Any Other Name?

Jeremy Briggs has kindly provided downthetubes with a smashing feature and checklist for DC Thomson’s Red Dagger title, a 64 page compilation title little known among comics fans which featured strips from Hornet, Hotspur, Warlord and others with many issues… Read More ›

RSS Madness

Ah. My apologies to the people who have subscribed to the RSS feed on this site: I didn’t realise it would consider every entry I put up, including old diary entries I can now add in, as “new” posts. So… Read More ›

Quick Switch

The traffic to this blog on my site wasn’t growing that quickly, but uploading revisions etc. was, I think, adding to my bandwith quite considerably. So I’ve switched the blog to Google’s own host. There will be some hiccups… Read More ›