The future of newspapers?

(With thanks to the Daily Cartoonist for the link): American editorial cartoonist Ted Rall has recently written a three-part column on the future of the newspaper industry. • Part IAs big newspapers and magazines start giving away their content “violating… Read More ›

Here come the Copyright Police!

It had to happen – while fuddy duddy Britain enforces copyright protection through dull sounding organisations such as the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the Chinese government has gone all 21st century and introduced animated copyright police characters that will patrol… Read More ›

Read Yourself Raw

Online comics ‘zine Read Yourself Raw has just had another update, which includes previews of new book, comic and manga releases for October 2007 and a new Essential Reading list. The site’s worth a visit for its huge links section… Read More ›

Paul Gravett Interviewed

Web site Broken Frontier has published the first part of a detailed interview by Dave Hine with London-based freelance journalist, curator, lecturer, writer and broadcaster and comics guru Paul Gravett, one of the creators of the ground-breaking indie comics magazine… Read More ›

Flat Pyramid

This might be a useful site for artists: Flat Pyramid, founded by professionals in the creative media and corporate America, is dedicated to the creation, management, worldwide promotion, and distribution of digital content online. The website provides an intermediary platform… Read More ›