Marvel Comics

Spider-Man rules the world

It might have had mixed reviews (“Fun factor nil”, sniffs The Guardian), but after a record-breaking US opening, Spider-Man 3 has now demolished the international box office record with nearly £114 million at 16,700 playdates in 105 countries in six… Read More ›

Wolverine on the BBC

UK digital TV channel CBBC has secured the UK rights to X-Men spin-off animation series Wolverine. First Serve Toonz, a joint venture company between India-based Toonz Animation and First Serve International, has sold the corporation the 26 x 30-minute series…. Read More ›

Weird Crime Stories

It seems the bad year for Captain America just got that little bit worse. 6 News, a Florida TV station is reporting that a Central Florida doctor has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a costume party while… Read More ›

Spider-Man Muscial Madness

Okay, I think we’re probably reaching Spider-Man saturation point here because after several rumours Marvel released a statement yesterday confirming that Spider-Man is indeed headed to Broadway … as a musical no less. Hot on the heels of the release… Read More ›

Zombie Captain America

Thought you might appreciate this April Fool story Forbidden Planet’s Kenny Penman spotted via a German comics news site: a new Marvel book starring a zombie Captain America, drawn by Charlie Adlard… although given the popularity of zombies right now… Read More ›