Month: October 2006


I’ll put something up on the main site later, but just received two fab books from artist Bambos Georgiou, the first of his Astrapets collection. Aimed at all ages, both The Great Space Chase and Dangerous Games are great fun:… Read More ›

Mistaken Identity

Working on the web site as now only sometimes I do, just occasionally we get information from people in one of America’s Lancasters rather than Lancaster, England. Case in point is a very courteous note we had from the… Read More ›

Eagle Flies Again 14

All being well, printers permitting, Eagle Flies Again #14 is on course to be on sale at this weekend’s Lancaster Comics Festival. Wrapped in a smashing Scream!-inspired cover by Graeme Neil Reid, the 36-page final issue includes an all-time British… Read More ›