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Here’s a page offering links to our main reference pages. This doesn’t include links to our many creator interviews, most posted as news items.

Facts and Figures

British Comics Q&A

I get a lot of questions from students in the UK and further afield about the British comics industry, so I’m posting some of my replies to often asked questions on this page. I hope it’s useful — but if there’s anything that isn’t covered please feel free to ask me!

• UK Comic and Children’s Magazine Sales

A Google document compiled by downthetubes of comic sales in the UK based on ABC-reported titles, from 2006 onwards. Not all comics are ABC registered

British Comics: “The Good Old Days” Sales Figures

A snapshot of the sales of some of the best comic titles of the period

British Comic Characters


Background, links and a checklist of the Garth newspaper strips

British Comic Titles

Current Titles List
Information always welcome

British TV-Related Comic Strips

While many American TV- and film-related comic strips are well documented, often on individual sites, there aren’t as many sites dedicated to individual British comics of the same nature.

This page is an attempt to point researchers in useful directions as, so far as we know, there isn’t as yet a dedicated central resource.

Marvel UK’s “Genesis 92” Project: Looking Back at What Might Have Been

A guide to Paul Neary’s revitalisation of the Marvel UK line and details of many projects that were planned when the company imploded in the mid 1990s.

Marvel UK Re-Born: Revolutionary War Checklist

A guide to the eight issue limited series featuring Marvel UK characters, published in 2014.

British Comic Reference

We feature a lot of web sites dedicated to specific British comics and the industry in our links section. But we also have some specific items on useful organisations

The All Devon Comic Collectors Club

The desire of elder members to see old newspaper strips again, linked with the poor quality of the yellowing photocopies that were doing the rounds, provided the impetus for the club to decide to track down and reprint ‘lost’ Garth strips. A search for other British titles naturally followed; Romeo Brown,Paul Temple etc. and is very much ongoing.

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