Month: November 2006

2D Artist and Web Comic Tips

Couple of quick links: Anyone interested in creating comics for web (or perhaps mobile) might be interested in this feature by Scott “Understanding Comics” McCloud: Some useful tips and tricks for getting the best out of online presentation of… Read More ›

Wikipedia Illustrated

Here’s a good one. Greg Williams, a designer and illustrator for The Tampa Tribune in Florida has begun providing comic-styled versions of Wikipedia articles. His contributions to the Doctor Seuss entry spark it up nicely, but I enjoyed his “pet… Read More ›

Spring Heeled Jack

Writer and artist David Hitchcock has released a hardback edition of his Eagle Award winning series Springheeled Jack. The Victorian gothic fantasy series received much high praise from readers and comic professionals in its initial three issue run and this… Read More ›

All Change!

Over on the main site, I’ve just uploaded a cleaner ‘new look’ which affects all my pages. Let me know what you think, and if it’s causing an display issues. Thanks! Some pages are still in the old design but… Read More ›