Comics Projects: Crucible

Crucible. Art © 2011 Smuzz
Art © 2011 Smuzz

A science fiction adventure… with dwarves.

Writer: John Freeman (
Credits include Judge Dredd Megazine, Marvel, STRIP Magazine, ROK Comics
Artist: Smuzz (
Credits include 2000AD, Interzone, Hellraiser
Colour: Kris Carter, Smuzz
Letters: Jim Campbell

The world of Shaarn has been a much fought over piece of real estate down the centuries, with various powers fighting for its resources to exploit – resident sentients included.

To the Higher Powers, it was a game. To the residents of Shaarn, it was like the Gods themselves were at war.

One race ruled Shaarn for over 300 years and exploited it mercilessly. Their rule ended with a massive battle which finally, it was hoped, destroyed them all (but some survive). That Battle required the building of deadly and dangerous artefacts and which left parts of Shaarn pretty much a wreck that it’s only now beginning to recover from.

It’s against this background that our characters – SYLVANA, ARDAHL, BELOC and TRUUG, a mis-matched team of ‘ Expeditioners’ assembled by the desperate Cleric, ZINGAMY – have their first adventure, and find one of the artefacts that caused the disaster that almost destroyed the entire globe. And if you mess about with technology you know nothing about…

Crucible Links

Early episodes of Crucible appeared in print in STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine and the full first adventure will appear in print in SHIFT from GetMyComics, starting in 2021

Sample episodes feature online on Tapastic

Crucible on Facebook

Rules of Tasking

The Glyphs of Shaarn

Short Stories

The Wit and Wisdom of Truuglub Vanderpatz the Daunting
By Smuzz

The Walking Notes of Truuglub Vanderpatz the Daunting
By Smuzz

The Taking of Borderpost 456
By Smuzz

The Boy Harvest
By Smuzz

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