Month: June 2007

The Super Six

Hard on the heels of 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival in April, comes another Northern Ireland comics project, The Super Six, published by OFMDFMNI:CYPU. Okay, so it doesn’t quite trip off the tongue like IPC or DCT and I… Read More ›

Spaceship Away #12 blasts off

The latest issue of ace Dan Dare magazine Spaceship Away is now out. Spaceship Away costs £6.99 per issue for UK residents and £9.00 per issue for international subscribers, more details can be found here… Publisher Rod Barzilay had… Read More ›

Colin Baker in Leeds

Shameless plug time. Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor Who, will be making a personal appearance at the Fab Cafe in Leeds on Sunday 12 August 2007. The event is co-organized by downthetubes contributor Ian Wheeler and should be a good… Read More ›

Its not It’s

Everyone who knows me also knows I am one of the world’s worst typists and probably semi-legendary for minor typos. But that doesn’t mean I can’t spot one, and one that constantly annoys me is the misuse of its and… Read More ›

Deviant Thinkers

Over at Dave Langford’s wonderful SF news site Ansible, he reported last week that Greg Bear and other sf authors — Arlan Andrews, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Sage Walker — were asked to a US Homeland Security conference to… Read More ›