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Facebook is its own microcosm of the web, and if you choose to have access, there are many groups and Pages – two different types of presentation on the social media platform – dedicated to classic British comics, publishers and a wide range of creators.

Here’s a growing list, assembled with the help of the downthetubes team. Additional information welcome!

This page was last updated on Wednesday 16th September 2020, adding the dedicated DC Thomson & John Leng Annuals Page – and a number of comic and artist groups set up by the unstoppable Peter Gray

Do note that groups have different settings, some public, some private, with different acceptance policies for new members.

If you’re thinking of setting up your own group dedicated to your favourite comic or creator, I’d strongly suggest taking advantage of Facebook suggestions to deter spammers, such as asking key questions and informing would be members of basic rules on being polite and never unkind.


Alan Class Comics

Awesome Comics Talk

Ace for British indie comics, a spin-off from the highly regarded Podcast

Boys Adventure Comics Group

Run by downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf, a spin-off of his excellent Boys Adventure Comics Blog

British Comic Heroes – Page

British Original Comic Art Collectors

The Cartoon Museum – Facebook Page

Comic Scene Plus

The Facebook presence for the magazine

Comic Society UK

A relatively new group as of August 2020

• DC Thomson & John Leng Annuals Page

Created by Adam Teitge, dedicated to documenting DC Thomson and John Leng annuals printed between 1921 and 1965

downthetubes on Facebook

Of course we have a Page, too! But for comics discussion, head to the Facebook Comic Con – John Freeman Group

Dust Jacket Detectives – Page

A group for collectors of old books forever in search of missing dust jackets, set up as a research page for mostly early children’s books and annuals. From reading collectors books, few if any contain pictures or even references to dust jackets

Girls Comics UK

A fantastic group of researchers, fans and creators

Hibernia Comics

The publisher of many great British comic-related titles – so plenty of posts and discussion about British comics

Mighty World of British Comics

One of the larger groups dedicated to British comics old and new on Facebook

Peter Gray’s UK Comics

Most discussion here is about British humour comics

Peter Gray’s Delightful Vintage Art

Peter Gray’s Illustrated Magazine Covers and Posters

One of the British junior comic rarities highlighted on Peter Gray’s Junior UK Comic Fan Site
Dickory Dock, of the British junior comic rarities highlighted on Peter Gray’s Junior UK Comic Fan Site

Peter Gray’s Junior UK Comic Fan Site

We think Peter has at least three clones!

Sequentially British

Set up for independent creators and publishers to promote their work

The Comics That Made Us

Also discusses US comics

Why I Love Comics

Also US discussion



Official Facebook Page

2000AD Art Stars


2000AD Original Comic Artwork

2000AD Artwork Gallery

2000AD Megaverse

2000AD – The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic


ACTION! Hookjaw and More


Battle Fans

Run by Paul Trimble


Beano Official Page

Beano Annual Collectors Group


Bring Back Bunty – Page


Peter Gray’s The Cheeky/ Krazy comic fansite


Official Commando Page

Commando Comics Fans

Commando and British Weekly Comics – Collectors, Buy, Sell and Swaps Page

Commando Comic Collectors

Commando Comics For Sale Or Swap…


The Dandy – Official Page

Doctor Who Comics

Doctor Who Comics and Art – A Voyage

Doctor Who Strips


Dan Dare

Dan Dare Audio Adventures – Page

Eagle Readers

1980s Eagle-oriented

Spaceship Away

Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson Books and Comics


The Hotspur Comic – Swap, Sell and collectors site


Peter Gray’s The Cheeky/ Krazy comic fansite


The Look-In Magazine Appreciation Group

Marvel UK

Make Mine Marvel UK!!!

Marvel UK Comics

UK Marvel in the Seventies

Avengers UK

An exuberant mash up of Marvel UK continuity and UK SF TV in comic form!


Misty – Back in Print

Not Official

Get Misty Back in Print


The Rover Comic – Swap, Sell, and Collectors site

A group devoted to a member of DC Thomson’s “Big 5” story papers


The Skipper Comic – Buy and Sell Group


Peter Gray’s Sparky comic fansite


Official Page

The77 Group


The Victor Book for Boys – Comics,Annuals and Summer Specials by DC Thomson



Run by downthetubes contributor Colin Noble


Daily Mirror: Garth

London Evening Standard: Modesty Blaise


These are groups or Pages dedicated to creators, not their personal pages


The Art of John Armstrong

This group includes many examples of both his comics work for titles such as Misty and Tammy, alongside his illustration work. Run by John Freeman

Leo Baxendale

Frank Bellamy

The Frank Bellamy Blog Facebook Page

Alfred Bestall

Rupert Bear – The Art of Alfred Bestall

Jeff Bevan

The Art of Jeff Bevan

Brian Bolland

The Brian Bolland Appreciation Society

Brian himself contributes to this group

Paddy Brennan

Peter Gray’s Paddy Brennan Fan Site

John Michael Burns

John M. Burns Art

John answers questions about his art and work on occasion via moderators of this group run by Colin Brown

Mike Dorey

The Art of Mike Dorey

Phil Elliott

The Art of Phil Elliott

Art by Peter Foster for an unpublished story

Peter Foster

Australian artist Peter Foster, known for his work in the UK on Commando and “Billy the Cat” for Buddy, contributes to this group

Ian Gibson

The Imagination of Ian Gibson

Ian, whose credits include 2000AD’s “The Ballad of Halo Jones”, contributes to this group

Carl Giles

Peter Gray’s Carl Giles cartoonist fansite

Creator of the world-famous Giles cartoons for the Daily and Sunday Express

Charles Griggs

Peter Gray’s Charles Griggs Fan Site

Join fans of The Dandy’s “Korky the Cat”!

Roger Hargreaves

Peter Gray’s Mr Men info – Roger Hargreaves fan site

Creator of the Mr Men and more

Ken Hunter

Peter Gray’s Ken Hunter comic fansite

Ian Kennedy

The Art of Ian Kennedy

Commando cover artist, “Dan Dare” strip artist and much, much more

Tom Kerr

The Comic Art of Tom Kerr

A very new group as of August 2020 dedicated to the artist possibly best known for his work on strips such as “The Monkees” for Lady Penelope or “Adam Eterno” and “Billy’s Boot”, but who many fans will recognise as the artist who encouraged them to pester Mum for “Clark’s Commandos” shoes – and, hopefully, never take up smoking! (Norman Boyd has one of the few online biographies of the artist here)

Davey Law

Peter Gray’s Davey Law

Brian Lewis

The Art of Brian Lewis

Kevin O’Neill

The Art of Kevin O’Neill – Page

Keith Page

Charlotte Corday by Keith Page

Read the latest Charlotte Corday adventures for free from this Dan Dare and Thunderbirds artist

Reg Parlett

Peter Gray’s Reg Parlett Comic Art Fan Site

Graeme Neil Reid

The Art of Graeme Neil Reid – Page

A photo of Ken Reid featured in the The POWer Pack of Ken Reid collections
A photo of Ken Reid featured in the The POWer Pack of Ken Reid collections

Ken Reid

Peter Gray’s Ken Reid fansite

Artist, creator, whose credits include Frankie Stein, Faceache and more

Jesus Redondo Roman

The Art of Jesus Redondo Roman – Page

Ron Smith

The Art of Ron Smith

Bryan Talbot

Bryan Talbot Fans

An adjunct of the official a Bryan Talbot web site

Dudley D. Watkins

Peter Gray’s Dudley D. Watkins Fan Site

Jim Watson

The Art of Jim Watson


John Freeman

Steve MacManus

The Sheerglam Conspiracy

Further entries welcome! Comment below

With thanks to all those who set up the groups and pages above, and Matt Cole and Colin Noble for additional information

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