Month: April 2009

Stand By for Action!

Producers Ralph Titterton and Tim Mallett have assembled 40 tracks representing the best of TV and film music genius Barry Gray, capturing some of the very best of his theme work that graced many classic 1960s shows produced in the… Read More ›

Cold Day on Sale!

… Well, almost. I’ve just received an advance copy of Panini’s Doctor Who: A Cold Day in Hell collection which features strips from my period working on Doctor Who Magazine, as designer then editor. The Panini team have done the… Read More ›

Mirabalis Continues Online

New episodes of Mirabilis, which ran in the dead-but-just-resting The DFC, have just been posted online: The creation of Dave Morris and Leo Hartas, Mirabilis was originally intended to appear in episodic form in Random House’s weekly comic, before… Read More ›

You Are The Law!

Licensed Judge Dredd belt buckles are now available to pre-order from Termight Replicas. This heavy buckle has been cast in zinc alloy and then gold plated with an enamelled flag on the front, and the results look impressive. The buckle… Read More ›