Cold Day on Sale!

… Well, almost. I’ve just received an advance copy of Panini’s Doctor Who: A Cold Day in Hell collection which features strips from my period working on Doctor Who Magazine, as designer then editor.

The Panini team have done the stories proud, wrapping this eleventh collection of Who strips in a cover by Mike Collins and Dave Roach. The collection includes a ‘commentary’ (compiled by me!) on the making of the strips from creators such as Simon Furman, John Ridgway, Grant Morrison, Lee Sullivan, Kev Hopgood and others.

All the strips featured were commissioned and edited by Comicraft’s Richard Starkings, who also provides an introduction to the book, revealing the strips were published at a time when Marvel UK was seriously considering removing comic strip from DWM altogether.

Doctor Who: A Cold Day in Hell is officially on sale from 4th May and DWM editor told Tom Spilsbury told downthetubes he’s hoping some of the creators can be persuaded to stop by at the Panini table and do some signings at the Comic Expo in Bristol.

As previously reported, a second volume of Seventh Doctor is planned, but is unlikely to be scheduled for this year. If (and when) it’s published, it’s intended that the stories will continue to be released in order (starting with Nemesis of the Daleks featuring Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer). A third volume, featuring strips from the Storybooks, Hulk Comic and later issues of DWM may follow.

Buy A Cold Day in Hell from
Buy A Cold Day in Hell from

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