Month: March 2008

Who Watches the Watchnuts?

Good Grief! Charlie Brown as Doctor Manhattan? Young art star Evan Shaner has mimicked cartoonist Charles Schulz by combining his Peanuts characters and the Watchmen. The drawing includes Charlie Brown as Doctor Manhattan, Linus as The Comedian, Schroeder as Ozymandias,… Read More ›

What A Sweet Dalek!

If a gingerbread Tardis is not to your taste perhaps you would prefer cake, icing and chocolate while waiting for 6:20pm next Saturday? This cake was created for a young Doctor Who fan’s birthday and was based around the size… Read More ›

Gingerbread TARDIS

With the BBC ramping up its publicity for the fourth season of Doctor Who of the ‘modern era’, what better time to celebrate with a special TARDIS cake? Which is exactly what one enterprising fan has done, and a smashing… Read More ›