Dan Dare at the Science Museum

The Eagle‘s Dan Dare will be the focus of a new exhibition at London’s Science Museum later this month.

Titled Dan Dare and the Birth of High-Tech Britain, Dan Dare enthusiast Dave Britton, who, among other things, has helped organise several Dare exhibitions in the past across the UK, tells us there will be one or two cabinets with items he is lending the Museum, and other references to Dan Dare and Eagle and their context in shaping the role played by technology in creating post-war Britain.

“There is also the possibility that the two murals that Frank Hampson painted for the new Space Gallery that opened in 1977, will be put on display,” says Dave. “That is not final yet.”

Dan Dare and the Birth of High-Tech Britain runs from 29th April 2008 to 3rd May 2009. Entry is free and details may be found on the Science Museum Website.

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  1. John,

    I think it has been confirmed that Hampson’s Science Museum murals will be on display, as stated on the Eagle Times blog.

    I have an e-mail dated 25th March from the Museum’s Press Officer to this effect. He also kindly sent me the examples of original ‘Dan Dare’ frames which accompany my blog piece.

    The same e-mail indicates that the exhibition, although a little “open ended”, is expected to run until at least October, 2009.


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