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Death Duty by Alan Burrows

A new “Shared Universe” comics project from John Freeman, David Hailwood, Alan Burrows and others, created by John Freeman, David Hailwood, Alan Burrows and others.

The Terran Empire is in decline. Earth itself is a dumping ground, a wasteland ruled only by savage mutants. The real controllers of the Earth live on the terra-formed Mars, a privatised planet where only the very rich survive with any degree of comfort.

On Venus, colonists struggle to terra-form that world, striving to tame this deadly planet against all odds and the genetic monstrosities that have evolved there from early experiments to adapt mankind to a hostile environment.

Most of Earth’s population has long since left the solar system of its birth for the stars; colonising new worlds that have now reached dominion status, seeking independence from the old empire. Transport across the galaxy is achieved by artificially created “hypercorridors”, wrinkles in space-time kept open by the power of the sun. Faster than light travel, but prone to its own disasters and dangers from outside our own reality…

Threatened from within by internal dissatisfaction, the rulers of the Empire, the rich of Mars, find their power base threatened by dangers from without, as increasingly hostile alien forces – seeking revenge for the Empire’s ruthless past xenocides that began on one planet many years before, accessed by an ancient Dimensional Gate – attack the Border Worlds.

Scheming billionaires, mutant weirdoes, hard-bitten gun-toting foot soldiers and bizarre aliens are the things the title will thrive on, with the emphasis on clearly identifiable characters, a good dose of black humour and realistic future war.

Clinging to power through their hold on wealth and Datanets, the rich begin to become more desperate in their attempts to hold onto power. New sources of income and new weapons are in constant demand; with some of the rulers even preparing escape routes to other parts of the galaxy in the event of final collapse.

This uniform basis will provide a source for role-playing material which may also appear in the titles as well as opportunities in other media.

WarWorldz © 2014 John Freeman

WarWorldz: Current Projects

Death Duty
Created by John Freeman & Alan Burrows
Script by John Freeman & David Hailwood, Art by Brett Burbridge

• Read Death Duty in the digital anthology 100% Biodegradable | Facebook | Buy 100% Biodegradable from Comicsy

Read more about the Death Duty: Renegade collection here

• Buy the Death Duty: Renegade collection from DriveThru Comics

Skow Dogs
Created by John Freeman, Dave Hailwood and Dave Thomson
Script by John Freeman & David Hailwood, Art by Dave Thomson

• Read Skow Dogs in the digital anthology 100% Biodegradable | Facebook | Buy 100% Biodegradable from Comicsy

Rourke of the Radlands
Created by John Freeman and Liam Sharp
Script by John Freeman & David Hailwood, Art by Bill Storie

WarWorldz: Origins
By John Freeman & Stephen Walsh, Art by Giancarlo Carcuzzo

Read WarWorldz: Origins on Tapastic 

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