Month: June 2006

Bonnie Scotland

… as in five days of being in Scotland, where the only sight of the World Cup was a brilliant cover for the Scottish Daily Mirror urging Trinidad and Tobago on. Ooh, and I will admit to checking the score… Read More ›

Hollywood comes to Hornby

Well, not exactly: World’s End Television are to shoot a short film in Hornby next week. The cast list for the film, Last Night, is under wraps: apparently revealing who’s in it might warrant “unwanted attention”, so I can’t tell you… Read More ›

Meow Mix: Cat Big Brother

(Old post reinstated, ignore if RSS checking) Maybe they’ll use famous cats like Data’s Spot, from Star Trek, eliminating the opposition with a well-pawed phaser… ANIMAL PLANET TO LAUNCH CAT BIG BROTHER SHOW A US cable network is hoping to… Read More ›