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Initially, please drop us a line via this email address: (Replace the AT with @ when composing your mail). This enables us to forward items to the right people on the DTT team.

This is the only email you should use in the first instance unless you have been in contact with us before. 

Please do not Twitter DM, Facebook Message DTT or Tumblr message contributors about items sent (It’s simply become impossible to keep track of so many different contact platforms and we might very well miss this “follow up”, no matter how polite).

Please also note, everyone working on downthetubes is a volunteer with a day job. We try to read every item received as soon as possible, but as the overall editor, I can tell you I get something like 300+ emails a day on average. Yep – much of that is work related, some of it is spam and such like, but I hope this give you an idea of what we’re facing at this end of the tubes. Thanks for your patience.

(New contributors – particularly opinion formers, interviewers – not reviewers – are very welcome).

About downthetubes

DownTheTubes was originally created to be a resource base for people seeking comics artists and writers but has mushroomed over the years to deliver British comics news, interviews and other features.

Contributors include myself, John Freeman and Jeremy Briggs, Matthew Badham, Antony EsmondAlex Fitch, Owen Watts, Ian Wheeler and many others.

It also includes information on events and links to comics, SF and other resources on the web.

Our email address is

As a UK-based creative consultant I have had over 25 years experience of editing and writing, for both traditional and electronic media. My clients include publishers, web sites, mobile games content suppliers and others.

Please note that I do NOT claim to have direct contact with all the creators listed on my link pages, though I have worked with many artists and writers over the years.

Why is this site called downthetubes?

It’s an archaic idea now, but I’ve often thought of the internet as a series of tubes, information plying down them. It turns out I’m not alone in this comparison; in 2006 now disgraced Alaskan senator described the Internet “a series of tubes” in an infamous 2006 rant when he was chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, a primary US legislative regulatory body that governs, among other things, the Internet.

Apparently, this description of the Internet “encapsulates the generational digital divide”, which makes me an old fuddy-duddy. Oh, well. (More about Senator Stevens’ “Tubes” rants here)

downthetubes is also the name of that unpublished novel, part of which was realised as various RPG sessions many years ago. And now, a comic strip, drawn and co-written with former 2000AD artist Smuzz.

Art and Writing Samples Welcome

I am always interested in seeing artist and writer samples and am happy to do my best to try and promote British independent and mainstream comic publications.

If you are a published creator — that includes self published — and would like to be included on this site please send information about your blog or web site to me

If you want, PLEASE SEND ME NO MORE THAN TWO samples of your strip work (cartoon or adventure strip) or include a link to your website or blog in the e-mail. I will e-mail you if I require more images. Please also send me contact details and information on whether you work using Illustrator, Photoshop and other computer programs; or if you work traditionally with pen and ink. Please also let me know which languages you speak and your usual rates of pay per page or illustration, thank you.

Please note that due to the volume of material received I may not be able to respond immediately to material sent. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to provide a critique of submitted material if you are looking for one.

For a guide to comics on the web, check my Links section. Again, further links are welcome.

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