Month: April 2007

RSS Madness

Ah. My apologies to the people who have subscribed to the RSS feed on this site: I didn’t realise it would consider every entry I put up, including old diary entries I can now add in, as “new” posts. So… Read More ›

Quick Switch

The traffic to this blog on my site wasn’t growing that quickly, but uploading revisions etc. was, I think, adding to my bandwith quite considerably. So I’ve switched the blog to Google’s own host. There will be some hiccups… Read More ›

Time Piece Trivia

Tipped off by SciFiTech over on, I thought these rather nifty-looking Pixel Watches, available in white, brown or pink, reminiscent of Blake’s 7‘s teleport bands as featured in that inexplicably popular BBC show. Available from online store Red 5… Read More ›

New Planet discovered

The European Space Agency’s discovery of a new planet five times the size of the Earth that just might have water and thus could support life is great news, although it probably means we’ll now start getting scare stories about… Read More ›

Weird Crime Stories

It seems the bad year for Captain America just got that little bit worse. 6 News, a Florida TV station is reporting that a Central Florida doctor has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a costume party while… Read More ›

Effluent Flows…

A comment on the sewage disaster in the Foray of Firth, reported nationally here. I found this report in The Scotsman, which suggests that there’s quite a discharge of sewage into the Forth on a regular basis anyway, but no… Read More ›

Second Life Star Trek

Okay, this is just so wrong, but not entirely unexpected. Seems some creative types in the Second Life virtual community have got the drop on Perpetual Entertainment and produced their own Star Trek-styled avatars. (There’s quite a lot of Trek… Read More ›