Effluent Flows…

A comment on the sewage disaster in the Foray of Firth, reported nationally here. I found this report in The Scotsman, which suggests that there’s quite a discharge of sewage into the Forth on a regular basis anyway, but no turds, as there were in the 1960s.

Well, that makes everything all right then.

Update 24/4/07: Cartoonist Nick Miller sent me this cartoon from his ongoing “Worry man” series in response to the above…

My friend Joe, who lives in Edinburgh, enjoyed the ROK cartoon, and wrote to say there has been a campaign by residents for years to have the plant that broke down upgraded to help reduce the smell.

Where he lives, the only smell he has to worry about from outside is the nearby Caledonian Brewery, the makers of some of the finest ale in the known universe, which doesn’t sound like a great hardship to me!

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