Environmental Issues

Gothic Gasoline!

Top London and New York-based independent publishers Merrell — well known for their art and graphic design books and more — have announced the forthcoming release of Gasoline, an entrancing graphic novel by cult illustrator and musician Dame Darcy describes… Read More ›

Slaine Slayed?

Last year, we reported how anti road campaigners in Eire had borrowed Pat Mills 2000AD character Slaine to promote protest over the building of the M3, much to Pat’s delight at the time. Sadly, it seems not even barbarian warriors… Read More ›

Effluent Flows…

A comment on the sewage disaster in the Foray of Firth, reported nationally here. I found this report in The Scotsman, which suggests that there’s quite a discharge of sewage into the Forth on a regular basis anyway, but no… Read More ›

Scary nuclear stuff

Ooh, this is cheery: a dynamic map showing Chernobyl fallout applied to your choice of UK nuclear power stations (you can change the wind direction too). I remember when Chernobyl went up and it raining buckets in Morecambe (as usual,… Read More ›

Darfur is Dying Game Launched

US MTV Networks’ mtvU college TV network has launched Darfur is Dying, a Web-based game created by students at the University of Southern California. It rapidly brings home the hopelessness of Dargur’s refugees without outside help, offering users real world… Read More ›