Darfur is Dying Game Launched

Darfur is Dyiing Game

US MTV Networks’ mtvU college TV network has launched Darfur is Dying, a Web-based game created by students at the University of Southern California. It rapidly brings home the hopelessness of Dargur’s refugees without outside help, offering users real world ways to fight the genocide in Darfur. The second stage of the game doesn’t seem to work on a Mac (perhaps that’s the point). There are links to real world action you can take to help.

Update 12/6/07: mtvU has announced that Darfur is Dying (www.DarfurisDying.com) is being translated into Chinese, Arabic and Spanish and will soon re-launch globally. It is a student-developed online viral video game . The game has been played 2.5 million times by more than 1.2 million people since its launch and the website is an extension of mtvU’s Sudan resource centre on mtvU.com, which offers news updates, facts, background info, student activist profiles, and more.

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