Month: May 2006

London Calling – Part Two

Explored Regent’s Park yesterday, blown away by the surrounding architecture and the sheer variety of wildlife, so many herons it’s amazing. Read an article in Daily Telegraph later suggesting grey squirrels may be responsible for predation on song birds eggs…. Read More ›

Scary nuclear stuff

Ooh, this is cheery: a dynamic map showing Chernobyl fallout applied to your choice of UK nuclear power stations (you can change the wind direction too). I remember when Chernobyl went up and it raining buckets in Morecambe (as usual,… Read More ›

Beaver and Steve

Ages ago, possibly even on this blog, I raved about Beaver and Steve, an online strip from the superbly talented James Turner (a fellow 20sixer, he of Erudite Baboon). Anyway, he’s only gone and had many of the strips collected… Read More ›

The Doctor Sings

This is a labour of love: “The Doctor Sings” will I’m sure eventually fall foul of both Tom Baker and BT, but someone has taken advantage of Tom Baker’s use as the company’s voice of text messaging (well, until recently,… Read More ›

Going Underground

This web site is occasionally visited by people seeking more information about London’s Tube, and leave disappointed, so I’m happy to report the ongoing success of a site that is actually about London Underground, written by friend, Mecca Ibrahim:…. Read More ›

Darfur is Dying Game Launched

US MTV Networks’ mtvU college TV network has launched Darfur is Dying, a Web-based game created by students at the University of Southern California. It rapidly brings home the hopelessness of Dargur’s refugees without outside help, offering users real world… Read More ›