Month: January 2008

Primeval Renewed

Broadcast reports ITV’s SF time-spanning drama Primeval has been renewed, with the current (second) season continuing to score good ratings in its Saturday slot. Production on the third season will begin in March, for broadcast in January 2009. The first… Read More ›

Stardust on DVD

Neil Gaiman’s Stardust will be released on DVD in the UK next month (25th February), featuring a host of British talent in a spectacular and critically-acclaimed fantasy adventure from renowned director Matthew (Layer Cake) Vaughn. The film script, based on… Read More ›

IndieReview Revamped

The UK Indie Comic and Manga Community, established in late 2007, has undergone some major refurbishment ready for 2008. The Community aims to bring the work of UK Indie Comic/Manga talent to the attention of a wider public through… Read More ›

Frak Those Toasters!

I don’t know much about Jo Storm’s Frak You! other than it is an unauthorised guide to the modern Battlestar Galactica TV series and so cannot use copyright photographs from the production. That said, I love the lateral thinking and… Read More ›

Fat Man Previewed

(Warning: this post contains links to what may be perceived by some as ‘adult’ content): Thomas Cochrane and Alan Tanner’s’s The Fat Man graphic novel project has a brand new web site which features a massive 50 page preview of… Read More ›