Fat Man Previewed

(Warning: this post contains links to what may be perceived by some as ‘adult’ content): Thomas Cochrane and Alan Tanner’s’s The Fat Man graphic novel project has a brand new web site which features a massive 50 page preview of the forthcoming book, due for release in November. Check it out at www.the-fat-man.co.uk

The Fat Man, which is also being previewed via comics to mobile service ROK Comics, centres on a British MI5 undercover agent approached by himself with proof of the existence of a notorious World War 2 Nazi secret weapon: a time machine, discounted many years previously as German propaganda.

The Fat Man is Scottish writer Thomas Cochrane’s first graphic novel. He says he is inspired by such diverse sources as Tin Tin, The Avengers (the TV show) and a fascination with the concept of time travel.

Artist Alan Tanner is a veteran illustrator and designer, who has worked on covers for Time Out and the infamous Oz magazine and what he describes as “various other hippy publications”). He has also created many illustrations for the Radio Times, and worked for CBS and Island on record covers. You can see how the Fat Man “Art Process” has developed over on Flickr.

25 per cent of the profits from this fabulous book will be going to a mental health charity and Thomas told downtheubes he is only 900 orders away from breaking even. “Not bad, considering there has been almost no publicity and it doesn’t come out for another eight months!”

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