It Came From Darkmoor…

(with thanks to Matthew Badham and Paul Cornell): British comics fan Mark Roberts has kicked off a promising new blog It Came from Darkmoor, dedicated to the mysteries of mighty Marvel UK (sadly absorbed by Panini in the early 1990s, and still no sign of a resurrection of Death’s Head).

Mark describes it as “a blog dedicated to the mostly forgotten, but ultimately worthwhile, British corner of the Marvel Universe. It titles, its characters, its fallen imprint and recent revivals. God knows they seem to eat into my brain so often, I may as well try to excorcise them in a constructive fashion!”

Early posts include a feature on the Frontiers character Immortalis from Nick Vince and Mark Buckingham, published under the “Frontiers” banner at the tail end of MUK’s existence; and of course, a piece on the best robot-turned cyborg in Marvel history, Death’s Head.

Categories: British Comics


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