Ringtones: The Ultimate Horror

Ring tones are a matter of personal choice (I will confess to currently having Shaun the Sheep on my mobile, much to my wife’s despair no matter how much she likes the show), but imagine the sheer horror of your phone ringing — and it’s someone else’s ring tone.

Not only can I see this becoming very confusing if your phone rings in a public place like a restaurant or bar (in which case, why isn’t it switched off, you inconsiderate git!), but the very idea that thanks to the “Push Ringer” technology just announced by California-based company Emotive, my phone might start blaring out some godawful Spice Girls number, or worse, fills me with unimaginable alarm…

This has to be one of the worst ideas for mobile phone development ever, although I have to admit, the idea that you could make some CEO’s mobile start mobcasting “Kinky Boots” in the middle of a meeting is rather appealing…

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