Time Piece Trivia

Tipped off by SciFiTech over on scifi.com, I thought these rather nifty-looking Pixel Watches, available in white, brown or pink, reminiscent of Blake’s 7‘s teleport bands as featured in that inexplicably popular BBC show.

Available from online store Red 5 in the UK, The electroluminescent (EL) band intensifies the watch’s colour by shining through the translucent case. At night, the watch puts on a special light show, with onscreen scrolling animation, every hour from 9 p.m. until 3.00am

The actual watches on sale display white numerals rather than the rather cool green in the picture above, but as SciFi Tech’s Charlie White points out, it’s another illustration of how much more commonplace electroluminescent tech is becoming. I particularly like this Time Table Clock! (Available for now only, it seems, from the Tokyo-based store Normal Design).

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