What A Sweet Dalek!

If a gingerbread Tardis is not to your taste perhaps you would prefer cake, icing and chocolate while waiting for 6:20pm next Saturday?

This cake was created for a young Doctor Who fan’s birthday and was based around the size of Cadbury buttons which were used as the Dalek sense spheres. Add to those After Eight sticks for the arm, gun and eye stalk, Liquorice Allsorts for the sucker and eye, and finally some jellies for the lights and you end up with a very sweet Dalek indeed.
This Dalek will not pose a threat to the planet as it was rapidly exterminated by hungry mouths.
Doctor Who, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, returns to BBC One at 6.20pm on Saturday 5 April, 2008.

Categories: Doctor Who

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