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Major new stories on downthetubes – or simply things we feel are major!

Crowdfunding Spotlight – British Jack Kirby Documentary Project Launches

Jack Kirby and Glenn Fleming, 1988

2017 marks the centennial of US comic book artist and writer Jack Kirby‘s birth – and British comics archivist Glenn Fleming has just launched a Kickstarter to back the release of a documentary about this key creator, based on interviews he conducted some years ago. The planned film features unique, unseen footage; a journey by one British fan to find Jack ... Read More »

In Praise Of: Comic Artist Jack “King” Kirby

Jack Kirby Self Portrait

Had he lived, Jack “King” Kirby, born 28th August 1917, would have been 100 this year. In advance of Lancaster Comics Day 2017, where Kirby’s work will be celebrated on a special panel, British comic artist (and Comics Day guest) Tim Perkins sings the praises of this great American comic artist, whose work was instrumental in inspiring him on his ... Read More »

Something For The Weekend: Time To Celebrate 40 years of 2000AD!

2000 AD's Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years of Thrill-Power SNIP

Squaxx dek Thargo will be out in force celebrating 40 Years of 2000AD in London this weekend – so how could we not mark this momentous event in this week’s British comic and creator-focused new comics round up with a front and centre plug for 2000AD’s Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years of Thrill-Power! Some of British comics’ top creators pick their favourite ... Read More »

Exclusive Extract – Read Em and Weep Book One: Serial Killer by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill

Read Em and Weep Book One - Serial Killer by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill - Cover

With the 40th Anniversary 2000AD celebration this weekend in London, we’re delighted to bring you this extract from Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s new novel, published by Millsverse Books, set in the wold of 1970s comics publishing…  Be advised this extract is not for sensitive souls (or very young ones)… The 1970s is a dangerous time for kids… An even more dangerous ... Read More »

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Why Transformers comic creator Simon Furman loves the new Hachette partwork, out now in the UK

Transformers Collection Issue One

Transformers: The Definitive G1 Collection – Hachette’s superlative Transformers Partworks hardback book collection, has just got its nationwide launch here in the UK, backed by TV advertising – and a signing to promote the title, featuring some of the the top British talent involved in the comic mythos, will take place in London next week. Simon Furman, who has written more ... Read More »

In Review: The Can Opener’s Daughter by Rob Davis

The Can Opener's Daughter Art by Rob Davis

By Rob Davis Published by SelfMadeHero Reviewed by Stephen L. Holland of Page 45 The Book: In the British Comic Award-winning The Motherless Oven, Scarper Lee asked: “Who the hell is Vera Pike?” Now, we get a chance to find out. Vera lives in the cruel world of Grave Acre. Her mother is the Weather Clock, the megalomaniacal Prime Minister of ... Read More »

Creating Comics: Lee Robson and David Broughton talk “Strontium Dog”

Strontium Dog "No Choice At All"

Lee Robson is the writer of the graphic novel Babble and a frequent contributor to many British independent titles, including Zarjaz, Futurequake, the Strontium Dog-inspired Dogbreath, Something Wicked and several of Accent UK‘s themed anthologies. He’s also penned a series of online daily strips featuring 2000AD‘s Judge Dredd for FutureQuakePress, which are collected here.  David Broughton has created his own comics, such as the brilliant Shaman Kane, Spectre Show and Martillo. ... Read More »

Dan Dare heads into the Vortex as new Audio Adventures released

Vortex Issue 1994 - December 2016

Dan Dare Audio Adventures stars Ed Stoppard, Geoff McGivern, Heida Reed and Raad Rawi are the cover stars of the new issue of Vortex (Issue 94) from distributors Big Finish. With Volume One of B7 Media‘s audio revival of the pilot of the future out now, producer and director Andrew Mark Sewell takes fans through the imposing process of bringing such a much-loved and iconic figure to new ... Read More »

Sneak Peek: The Can Opener’s Daughter by Rob Davis

The Can Opener's Daughter - Page 2

Next month sees the release of the eagerly anticipated follow up to Rob Davis‘s British Comic Award-winning graphic novel, The Motherless Oven – and there’s a signing in London at Gosh! Comics to mark the event. In the frankly brilliant The Motherless Oven, published in 2014, Scarper Lee who was central to the story asked the question: “Who the hell is Vera Pike?” ... Read More »

In Review: It’s Ghastly, the untimely demise of “Scream!” (Not for the nervous…)

It's Ghastly! - Cover

Greetings mortals! Don’t expect an objective review of It’s Ghastly, the new Comic Archive from Hibernia Comics (their third), because I’ve been waiting for this publication for over 30 years. I was absolutely the right age to be into Fleetway Editions short-lived weekly horror comic, Scream!, when it first came out and I devoured each issue with eager anticipation. When it ceased ... Read More »

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