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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Flintlock Book Three

Offering 64 pages of adventures in the 18th Century, Time Bomb Comics Kickstarter for Flintlock Book Three is running now and although the project was fully funded in just 12 hours, if you want to grab a copy of this fun adventure title, I’d recommend heading over to the crowd funding site and backing it now.

The original artwork for Flintlock Book Three cover by David Morris is available as a limited one-off reward as part of Time Bomb Comics campaign
The original artwork for Flintlock Book Three cover by David Morris is available as a limited one-off reward as part of Time Bomb Comics campaign

Flintlock is a regular comics anthology series with a difference – each book tells stories featuring a unique range of genuinely diverse characters in an Eighteenth Century shared historical timeline. The Eighteenth Century (1701 to 1800) was the era of highwaymen, pirates, samurai and thief-takers, and encompassed some of the most tumultuous changes in world history involving some of the richest personalities – and this is one of the inspirations for the stories and characters that feature in Flintlock.

Flintlock Books One and Two were previously successfully pre-ordered through Kickstarter,” says publisher Steve Tanner, “and I’m hoping Flintlock Book Three will be equally well received.”

Lady Flintlock - art by Anthony Summey
Lady Flintlock – art by Anthony Summey
Shanti the Pirate Queen - art by Lorenzo Nicoletta
Shanti the Pirate Queen – art by Lorenzo Nicoletta

“This latest book not only features the further adventures of Lady Flintlock and Shanti the Pirate Queen – key characters in the Flintlock timeline – but also introduces three new characters in two more complete stories.”

Pre-ordering Book Three through this campaign can also get you some very unique special rewards for doing so, and ensures you get your copy of Flintlock Book Three cheaper than it will be offered to the mass-market when it’s published in April 2018.

If you haven’t enjoyed Flintlock before there’s still opportunity to join us and catch-up as part of this campaign as Time Bomb have both reward and add-on options that include the previous books.

While the first two books were 48 pages, Flintlock Book Three will be a whopping 64 pages, perfect bound, with a full colour cardstock cover and black and white interiors.

“Reaction to the first two Flintlock books has been phenomenal,” says Steve. “I’m delighted that so many people are enjoying the stories and the concept behind it. But it’s proved incredibly difficult to produce more than one book a year, so I’m hoping this format change will make up for that by giving you more pages without too much of a price increase.”

Onna - art by Caroline Parkinson
Onna – art by Caroline Parkinson

This volume not only features “Lady Flintlock” and “Shanti – Pirate Queen” Molly but also introduces introduce Onna, a blind geisha who has struck up an unlikely friendship with an old warrior, featuring art by Caroline Parkinson and “Molly and the Trickster Thief, a couple of confidence tricksters scamming their way through 1770s London, drawn by David Morris and Patrick O’Connor.

Molly and the Trickster Thief - art by David Morris
Molly and the Trickster Thief – art by David Morris

“England’s Capital has always been a very cosmopolitan and broad-minded city, so is the ideal setting for two characters that I’ve been looking forward to revealing since Flintlock was first conceived,” Steve reveals. “This pair are sometimes not what they seem, depending how their mood and necessity takes them!”

Check out Flintlock Book Three here on Kickstarter

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