Aces Weekly: Now We Are Volume 32

Aces Weekly Volume 32 - Take 2

Aces Weekly Volume 32, published by David Lloyd,  is now running. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can join the digital anthology, as always, for this volume and all coming volumes, for just £1 per week in any currency.

In Volume 32, you can enjoy seven weeks of a magic mix from the creative brains of Chris Geary, Jeffrey Vaughn, The Art of Brendon and Brian Fraim, Marc Jackson, Marcello Bondi, Daniele Afferni, Jack Briglio, Sal L. Donaire, Jok LP, Rodolfo Santullo, Philip Madden, Janusz Ordon, Martin Hayes, and Hugo Hughes Doherty.

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Here’s a taster of the opening strips for this volume, with more to come…

Iron Dragon © 2018 Philip Madden and Janusz Ordon

© 2018 Philip Madden and Janusz Ordon

Iron Dragon byPhilip Madden, writer of The Phantom and artist, Janusz Ordon present an amazing preview of a series in development.

Kora by Chris Geary

© 2018 Chris Geary.

Kora by Chris Geary. Can Kora survive! Can the battle be won?

Aces Weekly 32 - Merlin and Hector

© 2018 Jok and Santullo

Merlin and Hector: Excalibur – Chapter 1 by Jok and Santullo: The endlessly-mined, but always rewarding, legend of Camelot yields another tale here to inspire our wonder! This time from our constant, and constantly fantastic, twosome : Jok and Santullo!

The Flight byJeff Vaughn and Brendon and Brian Fraim

© 2018 Jeff Vaughn and Brendon and Brian Fraim

The Flight byJeff Vaughn and Brendon and Brian Fraim: Refugees from a destroyed Earth seek safe harbour on a planet in a distant galaxy – but can it be safe when so much of what they’ve tried to escape from is still with them like unwanted baggage?

(The Flight has also featured in Aces Weekly volumes 20, 23, 25, 27 and 29)

Goons of the Galaxy by Marc Jackson

© Marc Jackson

Goons of the Galaxy by Marc Jackson: It’s back! The crazy, zany, totally out of this world, adventures of Jerry Jetflash! Here we re-join Jerry and his Dad from where we left them in Volume 28 – at the mercy of an armed stowaway..!

Aces Weekly 32 Take 2 by Jack Briglio & Sal Donaire

© Jack Briglio & Sal Donaire

Take 2 byJack Briglio & Sal Donaire, coloured by Carlos Rios, lettered by Andrew Thomas : Got an important decision to make in your life? Have to take one course or another? What if you didn’t have to? What if you could Take 2?

A challenging and unusual crime thriller from writer, Jack Briglio and artist, Sal Donaire.

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All artwork © respective creators 


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