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Death Duty; Renegade - Cover

The complete Death Duty: Renegade, an all-action SF adventure comic by John Freeman, Dave Hailwood, Brett Burbridge and Ken Reynolds is available now from DriveThru Comics, in print or digital download.

Edited by Dave Hailwood, the Death Duty: Renegade collection is published by Crucible Comic Press, a new comic imprint established by the team behind the comics web site, in partnership with Biomekazoik.

In a war-torn future, crime and disloyalty to the Terran Empire are punished with conscription into mercenary law enforcement squads: soldiers consigned to do or die in order to prove their commitment to the common good.

Those who serve out a full year are entitled to a bonus and financial rewards for their work – and even the opportunity of early amnesty.

Of course, very few survive what is known as Death Duty: the average life expectancy for a recruit is four months…in some cases, much less!

Dissidents in the Terran Empire are put on the infamous List – tracked down by Death Duty squads and terminated for their rebellion with extreme prejudice. A termination mission could take place anywhere – on alien worlds, Martian cities or aboard a rebel spaceship or station.

Described by some as ruthless assassins working with the worst of intentions, Dutymen – and women – see themselves as simply being paid to kill to keep the Empire safe. For most of them, exactly who they kill doesn’t matter – until one of their number, Travis Wilson, begins to question the missions they’re assigned and goes AWOL… a wanted man.

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The first in a trilogy of stories based on a character created by John Freeman and Alan Burrows, Renegade stars Travis Wilson and Rourke (a character created by John Freeman and Liam Sharp) and is written by John Freeman (Doctor Who, Judge Dredd Megazine, “Black Ops Extreme”) with Dave Hailwood (100% Biodegradable, TOXIC), drawn by Brett Burbridge (Octal, 100% Biodegradable) and Ken Reynolds (Cognition, Sliced Quarterly)

Death Duty: Renegade collects the first full length Death Duty strip first published in acclaimed digital anthology 100% Biodegradable, and includes the “lost” first episode planned for an unpublished WarWorldz anthology comic mooted back in 2003, drawn by Alan Burrows (Dan Dare, Commando).


“ A ripping yarn that’s hitting all the right beats”
– A Place to Hang Your Cape

“Death Duty has a real throwback feel to it, like a cross between David Lloyd and vintage Alan Grant, which helps 100% Biodegradable feel more like classic comics like Warrior and of course vintage 2000 AD.”
– Pipedream Comics

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Death Duty: Renegade
Written by John Freeman & Dave Hailwood
Death Duty created by John Freeman & Alan Burrows
Art and Cover by Brett Burbridge
Lettered by Ken Reynolds
Featuring additional art by Alan Burrows and Bill Storie

Order a copy here on DriveThru Comics – print price $12.99 (just under a tenner) and $2.99 for the digital version (about £2)

Copies are also on sale in First Age Comics, Lancaster or direct from creators at events

Web Links

• John Freeman: | Follow John on Twitter @johnfreeman_DTT | Find John Freeman on Facebook Comic Con | Instagram

• Dave Hailwood: | Follow Dave on Twitter @DavidCJHailwood | Find Dave on Facebook

Brett Burbridge is on Facebook

• Ken Reynolds: | Follow Ken on Twitter @kreynoldsdesign | Facebook | Instagram

Death Duty © John Freeman & Alan Burrows | Death Duty: Renegade © John Freeman, Dave Hailwood, Brett Burbridge and Ken Reynolds

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