The Alien Potato Assassin is Back – as the Fourteenth Doctor?

The Astounding Adventures of Alien Potato Assassin - An Unearthly Potato

The Alien Potato Assassin is back in action, by coincidence with a message to support this year’s Children in Need (probably so he doesn’t get sued). In “An Unearthly Potato“, the demented spud is trying to get the job of Doctor Who‘s Fourteenth Doctor… But there are a lot of starch enemies in his way!

Plus, it seems someone may already have the job… have we got an exclusive?

Created entirely for fun, we’re delighted that, over on Twitter, our choice for the role to play the next incarnation of the rebel Time Lord not only took the joke in good humour – but praised artist Rick Orc and me, too. (Spoiler alert – don’t click this link if you want to know who).

For those who came in late, Alien Potato Assassin is a very silly strip about a sentient, angry potato – aren’t they all? – brought to you by me, John Freeman, and artist the Yorkshire Orc, created with artist Mark Hetherington.

• You can find out more about Alien Potato Assassin on Facebook, or simply head over to Tapas and read “An Unearthly Potato”, a one-off, free to read comic, here. Enjoy!

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