Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies – the Kickstarter figure!

How cool is this? Here are some of the renders of the limited edition figure of Pilgrim – Secrets and Lies series star Lily Winters, the character I created for the comic series I’m writing for B7 Comics.

Pilgrim – Secrets and Lies is currently seeking backing here on Kickstarter, and the project to raise £3500 has 16 days to run.

Pilgrim - Lily figure by Neil Wooding
Pilgrim - Lily figure by Neil Wooding

This limited edition figure is being offered to those choosing the “Elite” tier to support all four issues of the series – and there are only 46 left!

Lily is first seen in the free to read eight-page “trailer” for our comic, when we saw her seriously underestimate a devious Western Alliance official, Tate, thinking her just a pen-pusher. So begins a series of events that led to Lily’s involvement with a mysterious alien artefact, exploring secrets hidden under the ice in Antarctica, and perhaps finding out who her father, Noah, really was… 

On offer is a detailed 6″ (160mm) 3D resin figurine of Pilgrim’s principal character, Lily, based on art by Neil Edwards.

Pilgrim Character Design - Lily by Neil Edwards
Design work for Pilgrim by Neil Edwards

The figure will be supplied with a base and painted in a bronze effect, Lily lovingly crafted by the team at Redflare Models, led by Neil Wooding.

Pilgrim - Lily figure by Neil Wooding

Neil is a creative innovator at heart, and in the past, developed a range of award-winning mobile games for EA Mobile including FIFA11, Battlefield 3 and Game of Life on iPad, as well as launching his own puzzle game titles across a number of platforms including online and mobile namely CubeHead and Master Thief 3D.

His love for model making took him into the industry and recent credits include launching a garage kit business in 2016 where he worked with artists such as Rick Sternbach of Star Trek Voyager fame, to create a spaceship model kit and a whole universe of models around the Hostile Realms brand. Current projects include Redflare Model Studios, where he is developing high-quality models and scratch-building content for sale, and working with numerous model communities to share his skills and experience.

With a background in boardgame design, digital design and model making, Neil has a wide range of experience in translating a concept to a physical model. He is often found painting or gluing something together or sharing his techniques on YouTube.

Back Pilgrim – Secrets and Lies, a four-issue mini series at www.kickstarter.com/projects/b7media/pilgrim-2121-secrets-and-lies-1-4

More about the Pilgrim project at www.pilgrim2121.com

Check out more of Neil’s work at www.redflare.tech

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