Lost Fleet – Corsair

Creating Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet – Corsair comic: some unseen designs and behind the scenes reveals

Titan Comics are giving the collected Lost Fleet – Corsair a bit of a “back catalogue” push right now, so as the series editor, I thought I’d share some of the early design work that went into creating the series,… Read More ›

Out Today: The Lost Fleet: Corsair #3​, featuring “Black Jack” Geary in comics for the first time

The latest issue of The Lost Fleet – Corsair (#3), which I’m editing for Titan Comics is out today, a series based on the best-selling Lost Fleet military SF series by John Hemry (writing as Jack Campbell). It’s been a… Read More ›

Titan Comics Announces Jack Campbell’s “Lost Fleet: Corsair”

Titan Comics has announced the upcoming release of an all-new comic series based on the New York Times best selling Lost Fleet SF novels written by best-selling author Jack Campbell, pencilled by Andre Siregar, inked by Bambang Irawan and coloured by Sebastian Cheng. I’d best… Read More ›

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