Titan Comics Announces Jack Campbell’s “Lost Fleet: Corsair”

Promotional art for Lost Fleet Corsair - coming in 2017 from Titan Comics

Promotional art for Lost Fleet Corsair – coming in 2017 from Titan Comics

Titan Comics has announced the upcoming release of an all-new comic series based on the New York Times best selling Lost Fleet SF novels written by best-selling author Jack Campbell, pencilled by Andre Siregar, inked by Bambang Irawan and coloured by Sebastian Cheng.

I’d best declare an interest right now, as alongside Doctor Who: The Third Doctor – Heralds of Destruction, this is the other comics series I’m editing for the London-based company, and I’m honoured to be on board.

Set after the end of a century-old war between two space empires, the Alliance and the Syndics, Lost Fleet: Corsair centres on the story of Captain Michael Geary, missing in action after the Syndic ambush related in the Lost Fleet novels that almost destroyed the spacefleet John “Black Jack” Geary had to get home, against all odds.

Titan Books edition of Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier - Leviathan.

Titan Books edition of Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier – Leviathan.

Forming an uneasy pact with rebel Syndics led by Destina Aragon, Michael Geary sets out to save not only fellow prisoners but their jailors, too – on the run from a government chafing at defeat and determined to crush any uprising. Can he live up to the legend surrounding his family name “Black Jack” Geary has carved – or will he die trying?

Jack Campbell is the pen name of John G. Hemry, a retired US Navy officer, who grew up living everywhere from Pensacola, Florida to San Diego, California, including an especially memorable few years on Midway Island. His US Navy assignments included service on the USS Spurance, and roles at the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Navy Operational Intelligence Center.

As Jack Campbell, he writes The Lost Fleet series of military science fiction novels, published by Titan Books in the UK and Ace in the United States, described as “Military science fiction at its best” by fellow SF author Catherine Asaro.

Together with Brenda Cooper (Building Harlequin’s Moon ,co-authored with Larry Niven and The Wings of Creation series), he’s recently signed their newest novels with eSpec Books who are in the end run of a successful Kickstarter for a new book, The Sister Paradox, by Jack.

David Demaret's cover for the French edition of Lost Fleet - Leviathan

David Demaret’s cover for the French edition of Lost Fleet – Leviathan

I’ve throughly enjoyed reading the Lost Fleet novel series in advance of editing the new comic. The story has engaged, characters are great and the space battles well realised, as is the whole setting and aliens encountered along the way. Lost Fleet: Corsair is set in the same universe as the novels, but is a great new story with new characters, so don’t be too worried you’d have to read all the books!

Penciller Andre Christian M. Siregar has been working in the comics industry since 2006. He spent most of it as the Indonesian branch manager of the Glass House Graphics Agency, managing and supervising creative teams behind numerous comic titles such as Flash Gordon, Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, and many more. In his time as a comic artist, he has work on some fancy independent titles such as Legacy, Sevara, Kimot Ren, and recently stepped out from his shell to work on the Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet – Corsair.

Inker Bambang Irawan is an experienced inker who’s been in the indie comics industry for so long. He’s worked on many independent comics as both inker and colourist. By day, he runs his own clothing company as a day job, working on comics – his passion – at night. Hiss most recent works include The Posse and Evil Dead:Wired.

The Lost Fleet - Steadfast (Japanese Edition)

Japanese publisher Hayakawa’s cover for Lost Fleet – Steadfast

Sebastian Cheng is an acclaimed Malaysian-American comic book colourist, best known for his work on the Revolution comic series for IDW Publishing. Prior to that, his work includes The X-Files, Orphan Black: Helsinki, Markiplier, and Magika, along with independent creator-owned projects such as Boy1, The Chimeran and Redshift.

He is the current colourist on IDW Publishing’s Revolutionaries and The X-Files X-Mas Special and now, Titan Comics Lost Fleet – Corsair.

The Spanish edition of Lost Feet - Relentless

The Spanish edition of Lost Feet – Relentless

The Lost Fleet book series has a worldwide following also published in 13 other languages including Chinese (featuring covers by “SharksDen“), French (published by editions l’Atalante, featuring covers by David Demaret), Polish (published by Fabryka Słów, featuring covers by Artur Sadlos), Russian (published by AST), Spanish (published by La Factoria) German (published by Bastei/Lubbe) and Japanese (published by Hayakawa).

Lost Fleet: Corsair hits stores in 2017, and will be available to pre-order in an upcoming edition of Diamond PREVIEWS

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Buy Titan Books Lost Fleet novels from Forbidden Planet

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More about the Lost Fleet Novels on John Hemry’s official site

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