Our Man In New York: New York Comic Con Day Two by Tony Esmond (Day One of the Con!)

NYCC 2016 - Comics Montage

Day Two of my New York visit, Day One of New York Comic Con. And I saw the strangest things…

NYCC 2016 Cosplay - Xena

I’m afraid I just don’t give a fig for cosplay…

TV properties fight for your attention in the car park, roadway and lobby even before you reach the main halls. Ash vs The Evil Dead and South Park (now on its twentieth season) have a big presence in the outside loading bays. Inside, we see banner and stall after banner and stall for mainstream non comics nonsense like Teen Wolf and Back Sails.

NYCC 2016 Cosplay Guy

— Strangely this guy had his wife and family with him – who were not in costume…

The main hall was as usual full of the normal cosplay strangeness.

(Listen, each to their own but what the fig is wrong with some of these people? Strangely, it’s the ones with no shoes on that have me wondering the most. No shoes in Manhattan?)

I headed into the main hall before the crowd of ‘normal’ punters made it into the halls.

The back issue section sits to the north end of the main hall right next to the original art tables. I grabbed a bag load of black and white magazines and found a couple of real gems for a cheap price.

I then headed over to Artists Alley. In a building attached to the main halls but with a nice separate and less crazy feel, this is definitely the place to be for the weekend.

We spent some great time chatting to Jim Mahfood and it was superb to see Matt Harrower showing the mighty Mahfood some of his art.

Jim combines being a really talented artist who is full of original ideas to tell a story with being a great bloke. He had a table next to Dave Crosland who I grabbed an excellent Batman print from.

• You can find more about Jim Mahfood at www.jimmahfood.com and Dave Crosland at www.davecrosland.com

Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland

Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland

I got some time chatting to Jason and Vince from 11 O’Clock Comics and gave them a give of some UK comics as well as that hard to find 2000AD Prog 2000. This is a great podcast that I have listened to for years now. The guys are hugely enthusiastic about comics and chat with real insight and thought.

Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko

Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko

I then got to buy a copy of Gabriel Hardman‘s new horror comic Belfry and grabbed another copy for my Awesome Comics Pod bro’ Vince (as pictured). He and his better half Corinna Bechko are at the absolute top of their game and this new book looks great.

• Find more about Gabriel at www.gabrielhardman.com and Corinna at www.corinnabechko.com

I got to buy the first Power Man / Iron Fist new trade from Sanford Greene and meet the man who is turning into a huge fan favourite. Spot on stuff.

NYCC 2016 - Marc Laming

Marc Laming

NYCC 2016 - Brent Schoonover

Brent Schoonover

I also got to spend some time place holding for Marc Laming and his equally talented table mate Brent Schoonover. Laming has some great news coming up and really killed it recently on the Star Wars adaption!

• You can find Mr L on Twitter talking comics @monkey__marc

Natasha Healey masquerading as Marc Laming. No we don't see the resemblance, either

Natasha Healey masquerading as Marc Laming. No we don’t see the resemblance, either

Tash even managed some sketching of The Ghost Who Walks whilst Marc was away hobnobbing it elsewhere in Artists Alley!

Throughout the weekend it is going to be great to chat to Brent Schoonover. I really enjoyed his recent Ant Man work and he has been kicking out some gorgeous sketches all day. (He has even listened to the Awesome Comics Podcast!! – I apologised for this trauma!)

• You can find more great art over at www.brentschoonover.com

NYCC 2016 - Man vs Rock

Man vs Rock

I got to head over to finally meet up with the crazy maniacs from Man vs Rock. Absolutely brilliant company. They are a force of nature and I got to hear their enthusiastic sales patter. Buy this book before they either the world hears how good it is and Hollywood snap it up or the authorities catch up with them!

• Head over and read some online at www.manvsrock.com

And yes, I have been using their cup holder!

NYCC 2016 - Man vs Rock


I then headed over to the Image booth and got to continue my chat with Bob Fingerman. He was signing the two recent Minimum Wage. I got a copy for Matt and Tash has promised to have a read too.

NYCC 2016 Minimum Wage Sigining

Myself and Matt rounded the day off with a trip to Midtown Comics near Times Square – hell, it’s not as if we have enough comics?

Day Two was an absolute blast! Tash kicked my ass in the step challenge (a measly 29,000 to her 33,000). We are becoming quite competitive.

Roll on Day Three!

(I am already quite pooped 🙂

• New York Comic Con Official Site: www.newyorkcomiccon.com

NYCC 2016 - Comics Montage

Back Issues are on sale by the bucket load!

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