Happy 74th Birthday, Dan Dare!

74 years and still celebrated! Happy Birthday, Dan Dare. Here at downthetubes headquarters, we’re very proud to have played a part in continuing his audio legacy alongside Andrew Mark Sewell and many others at B7 Media. They’re still available from DanDareAudio.com and other outlets.

Box Art by Brian Williamson.

Here’s some Dan Dare items on downthetubes you may enjoy…

Dan Dare Character Guide

The Eagle at 66: A Boy’s Eye View by David Slinn

• Spaceship Away! The Radio Luxembourg Dan Dare Radio Show

The proposed Dan Dare-inspired "Space City" designed by Fingertip Fabrications
The proposed Dan Dare-inspired “Space City” designed by Fingertip Fabrications

Manchester plans for a Dan Dare-inspired “Space City” Theme Park remembered

• Dan Dare Radio Luxembourg Episode Guide

Isn’t it about time the 1980’s Dan Dare stories were collected?

Philip Harbottle’s Dan Dare comic strip adaptations, unseen for decades, revisited, and SF novel and film-inspired tales, too

Dan Dare ©️ 2024 Dan Dare Corporation

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