Commando writer Steven Taylor releases new spy thriller novel, Rock Scorpion

Rock Scorpion by Steven Taylor (2024)

Commando comics writer Steven Taylor has just released a new novel in ebook format, Rock Scorpion, a spy thriller, set largely in Gibraltar during the Falklands War.

In 1982, Britain and Argentina are at war over the Falkland Islands. The Argentine Navy sends an elite team to Spain on a secret mission to destroy a vital British supply ship in Gibraltar harbour, a mission which, if successful, will tip the war in their favour.

Only one man stands in their way: MI5 officer Paul Stoneway. Dispatched to ‘the Rock’ to investigate an intelligence leak, Stoneway soon discovers that the Argentines aren’t the only enemy the British face. An even more dangerous opponent is manipulating events.

With time running out, Stoneway and local cop Cristina Gallo must work together to uncover a conspiracy that threatens not only Britain’s chances of winning the war but also thousands of lives.

Steven Taylor is a British author of both fiction and non-fiction, and a journalist specialising in military history, who’s contributed to over forty magazines and newspapers, including the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Express, FlyPast, Britain At War and Military History Matters.

He is the author of the aviation books Air War Northern Ireland and the recently-released Combat in the Stratosphere (both published by Pen & Sword), and has written almost twenty issues of Commando since 2012, including Fair Play (No. 5407) and North Sea Fury (No. 5621).

“Having grown up reading these superbly illustrated, action-packed tales of derring-do, I always dreamed of writing for Commando,” he says. “That dream came true in 2012, when my first script for Commando, ‘Hero in a Heli‘, was published. Since then, I’ve had a further fifteen scripts produced, most of which are set during World War Two.

Commando 4491 - Hero in a Heli written by Steven Taylor, cover and story art by Keith Page
Commando 4491 – “Hero in a Heli” written by Steven Taylor, cover and story art by Keith Page

“Aviation being a major passion of mine, the majority of my stories revolve around airmen, though submariners, resistance fighters and even fishermen have been the heroes in some of the tales.”

Rock Scorpion is now available to buy on Amazon Kindle (£2.99)

• Steven Taylor is online at

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