Crowdfunding Spotlight Roundup: Angel Eyes, Peter Hogan’s Black Forests, LOLZ, and more

There are a lot of terrific comic crowdfunding projects from UK-based creators out there right now – primarily, as ever, on Kickstarter, although Zoop is proving increasingly popular for its more curated approach to promoting new work.

Here’s just a few that have caught our eye this week…

Angel Eyes by Andy Lanning and Ant Williams

Coming soon is a Kickstarter for Angel Eyes by Andy Lanning and Ant Williams, to be published by Mad Robot Comics, in which an assassin finds himself pivotal to the war between heaven and hell. Is he there to prevent the end of the world – or to cause it?

If you didn’t get to see the VR motion-comic, you can get a splendid physical copy and check out the awesome art from Ant, and a host of wonderful cover artists. Sign up for notifications here on Kickstarter

Live now – and closing in on its £4000 target within 24 hours of launch – is a fantastic looking horror anthology from Scratch Comics, Peter Hogan’s Black Forests, offering six stories of suspense and the supernatural by the co-creators of Resident Alien, Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, joined by some of the world’s greatest comic artists. With a line up that also includes artists Jimmy Broxton, David Hitchcock, Rian Hughes, Rapha Lobosko and Aly Fell (Variant Cover Artist), along with Matt Soffe and Robin Jones, it was no-brainer for me when it came to hit the pledge button!

Gustaffo Vargas Sketchbook Volume 3

We mentioned Gustaffo Vargas Sketchbook Volume 3 in an earlier post, but see no harm in doing so again! It’s a smashing looking new collection of sketches, illustrations, characters, designs and ideas.

The77 Publications recently launched a Kickstarter for LOLZ, a brand new comic for younger readers. If you haven’t backed it, there’s still time to check out and support this latest project from the UK’s award-winning independent comic company. The Kickstarter closes on Sunday and the project has been successfully funded.

The lineup includes “Goldilocks”, by Nigel Parkinson (Beano), “Surfing Hippos” by Mario Lovatt Garcia, “Vicky Frankenstein” by by Dave Heeley (This Comic is Haunted) and Mike Walters (Highborn Low), “Trash Pandas” by S.P: Zero, “Matilda Atkins” by Mike Powell & Sarah Millman, “Trevor and Derrick” by by Matylda McCormack-Sharp, “Derek the Troll” by Lew Stringer, “The Cavyliers” by Steven Ross and Chris Evangelou, and “Lil Penny” by David Thomas and Andrew Richmond (Penny Pentagram) – and more! Don’t miss out

Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies – The Compendium Edition
Claudia Christian’s Dark Legacies - The Compendium Edition - cover by Si Chinook

Dark Legacies is a science fiction universe created by Chris McAuley and Babylon 5 legend Claudia Christian, set after Earth emerges from a brutal totalitarian regime and looks towards the stars with a renewed sense of hope. However, the dark legacies of the past remain and threaten to drag humanity back to darker times. Over on Zoop,

The team’s latest project, currently seeking crowdfunding, is an exclusive deluxe collected edition of the first two chapters of Dark Legacies, an edition solely for supporters on Zoop that will never go on general release and will feature exclusive art and rewards for supporters, including a brand new cover by Si Chinook.

Featuring the artistic talents of Marvel, DC and 2000AD artists Staz Johnson and Glenn Fabry, and the likenesses of almost the whole surviving cast of Babylon 5, including Bruce Boxleitner, Patricia Tallman, Walter Koenig and Peter Jurasik, this ZOOP Exclusive Edition brings over 48 pages of adrenaline-fuelled action to readers – and offers a brand new Zoop exclusive cover. More on this on Sunday here on downthetubes!

1000 Libraries - Protectors of the Written Word

Finally, 1000 Libraries – Protectors of the Written Word isn’t a comic but a collection of extraordinary stories from the world’s largest online community of book lovers, about people who have dedicated their lives to spreading the joys of reading. It’s been heavily promoted on social media but be warned this project is Australia-based, which will likely impact final delivery cost. It’s glorious-looking project, though -– a creative non-fiction 420 page book, telling the extraordinary real-life stories of 25 inspiring humans who have dedicated their lives to spreading the joys of reading. Anyone who enjoys reading should give this consideration and an e-edition is being offered… but the printed book is very tempting!

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