And yet more werid piracy tales…

— this time from the Netherlands, where of all things, the latest issue Donald Duck magazine features Donald and his nephews as music pirates and (who else) Uncle Scrooge as the big boss of a record label threatening mis users with fines, prompting Torrent Spy to wonder if an anti-piracy lobby had infiltrated the Donald Duck magazine.

In the issue, Huey, Dewey and Lewey have just downloaded a new album for personal use (saying they will buy the CD when they have the money), and are shocked when Donald tries to sell pirate CDs of the download, and tell him it’s not fair because the CD is copyrighted. “If nobody buys CDs anymore, the record labels and artists will become beggars,” they tell him.

Strange that Disney should appear to be supporting personal use downloading… but such titles are licensed and will have gone through a rigorous aprovals process.

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