Comic creator Tommy Donbavand’s battle with cancer recounted in new eBook

Cover by Nigel Parkinson

Cover by Nigel Parkinson

In July 2016, award-winning author and comic creator Tommy Donbavand was coming to the end of a month-long stay in hospital, including a terrifying week in intensive care. In July 2017, he will be launching a book which tells the story of his battle against stage four throat cancer, how he dealt with the painful side effects of his chemo and radiotherapy, and why falling out of bed literally saved his life.

Tommy is the author of the Scream Street series, Fangs Vampire Spy, Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, Home, My Teacher Ate My Brain, and much more, and his story is an inspiration to anyone either fighting cancer themselves or those supporting loved ones through the fight.

Taken from his  blog of the same name, ‘Tommy v Cancer‘ is a roller coaster ride of emotion from start to finish, telling how 48-year-old Tommy was diagnosed with throat cancer in March 2016 and began a battle for his life, supported by his wife, Kirsty, and his two sons, 17-year-old Arran and nine-year-old Sam.

Tommy set up his blog as a way of charting my battle against the disease, hoping it would allow him to understand more about the disease he was ighting, and what he would have to go through in terms of treatment. 

Open and honest throughout, he also hoped it would help other people who find themselves in a similar position.

“You’ll laugh in one chapter, cry in another, and frequently wonder what on earth I’m blathering on about in the rest,” he says.  

“Plus, there is a ton of new content… Learn why I sent my brother complete gibberish by text, how I was released from hospital and cracked a rib within 20 minutes of being home, and why my GP resigned from her surgery because of me (really!)”

Tommy v Cancer, due for digital release on 13th July (or earlier, if Tommy can manage it), is available to pre-order now, and here’s the great news – if you buy the book now, you’ll get a whopping 25 per cent off the launch day price.

“Tthe more people who pre-order, the higher the book will sit in the rankings, which means more people will see it, and so on! 

“I look forward to entertaining you!”

UK readers – pre-order here for £2.99

US readers – pre-order here for $2.99

Readers in the rest of the world, just search for ‘Tommy v Cancer’ at your local Amazon website.

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