In Review: Shaman Kane Book Four by David Broughton

Tasked with investigating a series of supernatural murders on his home planet, Gefion, Shaman Kane – created by British comic creator David Broughton – returns to find that the ghosts of his past have returned to haunt him. Can Kane overcome what awaits him – or will history repeat itself?

In Review: Tales from the Udderverse (Mother Udder Comics)

Tales from the Udderverse (Mother Udder Comics) Written by Darren Cameron and Geoff McGrath Art by Francois LeClerc (including cover), Bolt-01, Bernard Campbell, David Deon, Mat Heldwen, Adam Stone Colour (“Harla”) by Michael Sanders Inks and Colour (“Sarna”) by Thiago… Read More ›

In Review: War Cars

What’s that? You don’t remember “War Cars”, the toy sensation of the early 1980s, which Mallet Comics licensed for a short lived return to the publishing world? Written by “Ian Furman” and drawn by “Carlo Ferringo”, the good news is that a digital collection of this fast-paced action SF title is now available, painstakingly restored from the original comics by Bryan Coyle…

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