Flyinggraphics offers Keith Burns air art t-shirts

If you’re a fan of the art of illustrator and comic strip artist Keith Burns, you may be interested in these t-shirts featuring his aircraft artwork from Flyinggraphics.

On offer are three designs so far by the award winning aviation artist and commercial illustrator, who has illustrated comics for the past decade.

Keith is perhaps best known to downthetubes readers for his Commando covers, his work on Titan Comics revival of the Battle Picture Weekly star, airman Johnny Red, and on Out of the Blue for Aftershock Comics.

Keith joined the Guild of Aviation Artists in 2012 and won the Messier Dowty award for best acrylic painting in show in 2015. In 2016, he was made a full member of the Guild, had his first solo exhibition at the RAF Club in London and won Aviation Painting of the Year.

In addition to his comics work, he’s also illustrated a Ladybird World War Two series, written by James Holland.

Flyinggraphics is the brainchild of Scott and Tom Sullivan, two brothers with a shared passion for aviation and all things aeronautical. Scott, a trained carpenter, and Tom, a graphic designer,both grew up as “garrison brats” as their father was in the forces, stationed around the world. From Singapore to remote Scottish islands they were never far from the whiff of avgas and the distant rumble of jets.

The Flyingraphics brand was born from a cunning plan to try and get into airshows for free and draw pictures of aeroplanes all day long. In four years, this simple idea has grown into a well know brand with a following from avgeeks around the world and an ever growing collection of graphic tshirts.

Keith Burns Flyinggraphics t-shirts here

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