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Striker dropped from The Sun’s print edition, goes online only

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The Sun has unexpectedly dropped the print version of its popular football comic, Striker, moving the strip online – much to the disappointment of its many fans – and the surprise of its creator, Pete Nash.

“I was told on Wednesday that this Saturday’s episode of Striker will be the very last in the printed edition of The Sun,” Pete informed fans online (site registration required). The strip will now continue exclusively online on its website until at least the end of the current storyline – which is scheduled to end in April.

The Sun has made an offer for Striker to continue beyond the current story,” he adds. “I am considering this but it may not be the right thing to do given other planned developments.

“… It would not be wise at this moment to give my views on this unexpected turn of events but I would like to reassure disappointed readers of the newspaper that I hope to be in a position to make a very positive announcement on the future of Striker in the next few days or weeks.”

Despite its stronger daily print sales than rival newspapers, The Sun is battling for online readers after much of its content was put behind a paywall in August 2013. The paper ended this last year but meanwhile newspapers such as the Mail and the Mirror have raced ahead in terms of digital readership, and with the news that the Independent is to go online in March, newspaper executives must be looking at ways to offer unique content on their web sites as the move toward digital news reporting accelerates. With its loyal following, perhaps Striker offers that kind of content as far as the paper’s editor is concerned.

This latest development in the history of the long-running strip has met with mixed reaction from the strips fierecely-loyal fans, who, as we’ve reported down the years have seen the strip published down the years in The Sun, in its own weekly comic, online, and in Nuts magazine. Like the strip itself, the team behind Striker have successfully adapted to circumstance, making it one of the longest-running strips to feature in British newspapers.

Let’s hope Striker continues beyond April – and The Sun‘s web site team pull their finger out and get the page organised in a way fans can follow it.

Read fan reaction to the latest move for Striker on Strikerworld (registration required)

Striker is © Pete Nash

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John Freeman

The founder of downthetubes, John works as a comics editor, writer, as Creative Consultant on the Dan Dare audio adventures for B7 Media, and on promotional work for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Working in British comics publishing for over 30 years, his credits include editor of titles such as Doctor Who Magazine, Star Trek Magazine and Babylon 5 Magazine. He also edited the comics anthology STRIP Magazine and edited several audio comics for ROK Comics. He has also edited several comic collections, including volumes of “Charley’s War and “Dan Dare”. He’s the writer of “Crucible”, a creator-owned project with 2000AD artist Smuzz, published on Tapastic; and “Death Duty” and “Skow Dogs” with Dave Hailwood for digital comic 100% Biodegradable.

111 thoughts on “Striker dropped from The Sun’s print edition, goes online only

  1. Difficult times for newspaper strips generally, of course, with costs increasing for newspapers but their revenues – in terms of sales and advertising – on the decline. Even free papers like the Metro seem to be cutting costs, they dropped their strips a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Loved Hagar and Striker will not be going on line to read as looked forward to reading the paper as a whole come on the Sun bring it back.

  2. I always thought The Sun was a newspaper for the people!! All the working the guys out on site don’t always have access online. Maybe time to start buying a different newspaper?
    They could have at least waited until the current series had finished!!

  3. Absolute terrible decision by the so called powers that be.
    I’ve bought this paper for nearly 40 years.
    No more.
    No wonder daily circulation has halved in the last few years.
    Older people like me can’t register and do the internet.
    Shove your paper where the sun don’t shine.

    Very disgruntled ex reader.

  4. I have followed Striker and Hagar for many years in the Sun but if it is not being printed in future I will not be buying the Sun in future.

  5. I have been a sun reader for 50 years one of the best things has always been the comic strip. Try cutting out foody rubbish and horroscopes that are plainly rubbish.Another ex reader.

    1. I Only bought it to follow the Striker Cartoon, it was great,, I Love Vanessa,,,, and I wish the Whole Striker thing could become a film, or TV Series,,, why not,, its absolutely unique,,,,,

  6. Terrible decision. The only reason I bought the Sun was because of its football coverage and Striker. Thats it now. I will stop buying the Paper. I do not have the time to search the internet for Striker every day. I will stick with just buying The Mail in future. Very sad. I’ll miss Striker. Surely they could have waited until the end of the current storyline!

    1. I loved Striker. I have followed it for ages.Only bought the Sun to read it. Won’t be getting it any more.

  7. Only reason I bought the paper was for Striker, I’ve followed it from the beginning even through its last absence from the paper. Absolute shocking decision…….go solo Pete, you don’t need this poor excuse of a paper, us true fans with follow Striker whatever route you take.

  8. Striker and Hagar plus great columnist’s made the Sun for me and now some clown has spoiled things. I can think of some other item to drop!

    1. Very dissapointed with the sun,s decision to scrap striker ,seems to be more adverts these days,supermarkets e.c.t ,Dear Deidre has had its day,the sun is on the slippery slope I,m afraid .

  9. Striker has been in the sun news paper for ages please bring it back people buy it because it’s a good comic strip

  10. Last copy ill ever buy off the sun was Monday and I won’t return unless striker does, 20p daily star it looks like now for me!!

    1. To be honest the Star is a rubbish paper and even at 20p it’s overpriced! I only buy it for the Beau Peep strip.

  11. Absolutely gutted by Striker decision. Have no access to internet and do not want one. Had such fun seeing how much trouble Eric could get his self in. MUDDY MONSTROUS DECISION

  12. Disgraceful decision. I suppose it will be replaced by yet another page of adverts nobody ever reads. More readership lost.How can this be a good move?

  13. The main reason i get a paper daily. No reason not to miss a day now! They could at least have told us & wrapped up the storylines. I never read online newspapers (apart from trying to find out what happened this week about striker)

  14. Fancy dropping Striker in middle of story. What they going to put on that page now – a load of bull about what we should or shouldn’t be eating? Bye bye Sun. Hello Mirror.

  15. I absolutely agree with all the comments published stupid to cancel storyline, the question I ask is ” is it coming back in the Sun “?

  16. The only reason I bought the sun was to read about striker.I am a 69 year old grandmother and it was the highlight of my day. So disappointed.

  17. Been following striker since I was a boy, 51 now..stopped buying the Sun last time this happened and will stop again until it comes back.

  18. Can’t believe it, not everyone has online access, especially whilst on the move. Li Ming will be turning in her grave. Bring back Striker in print you fools.

  19. Absolutely disgusting decision. Whilst the Sun is a good reasonably balanced newspaper, the premature axing of the best running strip cartoon by far has made my choice easier. I will not be buying the Sun in future . There are other equally good reads out there with better puzzle selections
    John 18/02/16

  20. really bad about striker keeping up with the story and am disgusted it has been dropped what wallies are running the paper ???

  21. Idiots!! I’ve been a loyal reader of the sun for over twenty years, love striker, went through Mondays/tuesdays/wednesdays paper twice in case I’d missed it . only just found out that you’ve put it on line only. Thanks for the warning. Idiots!!!

  22. absolutely discussed why don’t they get rid of the problem page which by anyone’s standards is a lot of nonsense only making space for more adverts Bring striker back or I will not be buying any paper

  23. I looked forward to reading Striker every night in bed, with my electric blanket. I tried for an hour today to see todays instalment,without success. Has the Sun gone mad! I Will cancel The Sun I
    really enjoyed Striker every day.

  24. A news paper and a comic strip is like ham and eggs i remember wacko yes i am that old but i got used to it when he was replaced and now Hagar has gone. Also i am not a football fan but i was hooked on the striker story line. so good by my sun i am replacing you. R Watson

  25. Total shock like so many of the comments, massive loss to the people and will be a loss to the sun in terms of sales being down, don’t they understand there readers

  26. Not a very way of looking after loyal customers perhaps the Sun needs a customer focus manager if customers are fed up they will stop buying the newspaper.A paper for the people well the people want to read STRIKER

  27. Remember everyone, you can visit for all the latest news and strips, Nashy himself is often on there as well with updates.
    I know not everyone has the facility but it seems the best we have at the minute. Striker might no longer be in The Sun but at least it’s still around, for now.

  28. Terry G
    Even my wife use to read striker! BAD MOVE SUN editors, I don’t have time to mess about on line, I won’t be buying it again.

  29. I AM DUN WITH THE SUN. I have stuck with SUN all these years even when they started to support That lying evil man Tony Blair.But after this and the fact they could not be bothered to tell us in the newspaper what happening to Striker. THEY CAN SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE.

  30. I don’t think newspaper editors realise the attraction of cartoons to their readers. I stopped buying the Mirror when they dropped the brilliant Horace strip last August.

  31. The decisions the powers that be make never cease to amaze me.. 1st they take boobs away now striker 2 popular items for most people and why midway through a storyline.
    DAILY STAR you now have me and a lot of others i dare say..

  32. Shocking been following striker for years even have every one of the striker magazines can’t believe it will no longer be in the sun well daily record for me from now on the sun have no thoughts for their readers at all

  33. Diagusting, not much o enjoy reading in the sun anymore, and this was the final nail in the coffin, daily express it is then.

  34. Wow! I’m humbled and bowled over by these responses. Thank you all so much for taking the trouble to write. I am now looking at new ways to take Striker forward but in the meantime if anyone wants to keep up with the current story without visiting Sun online, they can view the strips on the forum at

    1. Not you fault Peter. But I don’t want to view it on line. I want to read it with my 10 o clock.

  35. Ive been. Lost this week without striker lol as a long distance trucker i was interested in striker and all the football news not horoscopes and women stuff…sorry but no more sun in my truck

  36. I have followed striker for years and now it’s been taken out of the newspaper l shall no longer buy the sun.

  37. Then that’s me with the Sun. Striker wasn’t the reason I bought the paper but it was one of them. No more. It won’t bother the Sun. But I have bought my last edition until Striker is once again reinstalled

    1. Susan, you can read the strips on Go to the World Of Warbury section and see the latest strip thread.

    2. Went to and clicked on World of Warbury but can see no way to view the actual strip. It seems to be all discussions etc. Can anyone enlighten me?


  38. I have a very unhappy father in law as he doesn’t use the internet and never will do he has brought the paper for years and I’ve had a phone call asking me to look it up as he’s been missing the striker comic strip

  39. Fancy stopping it halfway through a story line
    It’s the only reason I buy the sun why not cut all the other crap like mystic f**king meg. I’ll be joining all the Scousers and boycotting the sun…..
    Silly decision from the powers above

    1. Mystic Meg is already gone. Frank Pilkington does the horoscopes now. Apparently she left to set up her own website. There was no fanfare, they just announced a new astrologer suddenly a year ago.

  40. Aren’t the sun losing enough readers without ditching what has been a highly successful comic strip not everyone has the luxury of going on line come on sun get your act together and reinstate it

  41. Removing Striker from the printed version of the Sun is a backward step in my opinion, please look for other ways of increasing on line readership, that are not to the detriment of the people who actually buy the paper every day. I for one will no longer be doing so out of protest.

  42. First page 3 goes and now the comic strip page is gone. After 30 years of reading The Sun I am now done. I won’t be buying The Sun anymore. It’s the little things like this that make a paper different from the others. On a good point I’m now £3 a week better off saving me around £150 a year. Thank you The Sun.

  43. striker was the best bit of the sun, get rid of some of the celebrity trash that you seem intend on keeping in when nobody really gives a sh1t about what crazy celebs do with masking tape!!!! Wont be buying your paper any more, The sun used to be a people paper now its just chip paper.

  44. Cancelled Striker. Typical from a paper renowned for its double standards and biased reporting, the trade mark of a rag known to many of us as the daily Bastard or the Scum.

  45. Just got in, not a big drinker, had a large rum on an empty tum. Got mad at the Sun and wrote ’em
    a stinker. Cancelled Striker What for ? We, most of the time, put up with all the double standards
    and biased Street of Shame stuff so give us a break and don’t live up to the name your rag is known to many by ( The Daily B….d ) Reinstate Striker

  46. Terrible decision! Part of the whole reason I bought The Sun. Yet another person trying to justify their position and disappointing the readers – I have read Hagar avidly and am not interested in going on line.

  47. No point in buying the paper in the morning now,sitting down with a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea , it just won’t be the same bringing ya frigging computer out to the cafe .

  48. Absolute no regard for the readers. Bought the sun for many years , mornings won’t be the same without my ‘fix’ of striker. I will be cancelling my order today… Life without ‘Eric’ uninmaginable.

  49. I think it’s an absolute disgrace that striker has been removed from the print edition. I buy the sun 7 days a week and 80% of this is to follow the striker story line. Will definitely be changing my paper now that it’s gone !!!!!!!!

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