Budding comic creator? Don’t miss out on Thought Bubble and 2000AD’s annual Creator Challenge

2000AD Thought Bubble Challenge Banner 2017

Do you have what it takes to be a 2000AD creator? At 2017’s Thought Bubble in Leeds, returning to the city next month, a quick reminder that 2000AD is again running its talent search for writers and artists.

The prize?  Paid work with the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.

It’s Dragons’ Den meets the Nerve Centre – the only search of its kind in the UK – as Tharg the Mighty’s droids sit in judgement on hopeful writers and artists looking to join their ranks.

For the 2000AD Writing Competition, writers are invited to pitch their ideas for a brand new Future Shock to a panel of  top script droids on the Saturday at Thought Bubble’s convention – but they have just two minutes to make their case!

Can you condense your idea, plot, and characters for a self-contained, four page short story with a twist ending down into just 120 seconds? And in front of an audience? And convince some of our best writers that it’s a winner? Only the bold shall be victorious, and past winners include Rory McConville and Andrew Williamson whose stories appeared in 2000AD.

For the 2000AD Art Challenge, to enter the challenge, draw your version of a set Terror Tale script, bring it to the portfolio session at the 2000AD table at Thought Bubble’s convention, and you could wind up winning paid work at 2000AD. Previous winners were Tom Foster, Daniel Dwyer, Will Morris and Tilen Javornik.

Budding artists should click here to view the free sample script on this page, draw their own version of it, and bring their efforts to the portfolio sessions being held at the 2000AD table at the Thought Bubble Comic Con. The six best entries and ultimate winner will be shown at a special 2000AD portfolio review panel at the Thought Bubble Comic Con.

Full details of the competition are here on the Thought Bubble web site. Please note: you’ll need a valid Thought Bubble Comic Con ticket to enter this competition. Thought Bubble runs 18th – 24th September 2017

This competition is not open to working professionals. Portfolio sessions will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis – these and the judging panel event are open only to pages based on the script provided. Timings and locations for these events as part of this year’s convention will be announced later in the year.


John Freeman

The founder of downthetubes, John describes himself as is a "freelance comics operative", currently working as a freelance editor for TITAN COMICS, as Creative Consultant on the new DAN DARE audio adventures for B7 Media, and on promotional work for the LAKES INTERNATIONAL COMIC ART FESTIVAL and LANCASTER COMICS DAY. John has worked in British comics publishing for over 30 years, starting out at Marvel UK, where he edited a number of the Genesis 1992 books with Paul Neary. His numerous credits include editor of titles such as Doctor Who Magazine at Marvel and Star Trek Magazine and Babylon 5 Magazine at Titan Magazines, where he was Managing Editor. He also edited STRIP Magazine and worked as an editor on several audio comics for ROK Comics, including TEAM M.O.B.I.L.E. and THE BEATLES STORY. Most recently he is writing CRUCIBLE as a creator-owned project with 2000AD artist Smuzz, published on Tapastic; and DEATH DUTY and SKOW DOGS with Dave Hailwood for the digital comic 100% Biodegradable.

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