Anti Smoking Ads: A Shock for Bully Brown

Talk of banning smoking completely in West Lancashire council offices — no more fag breaks etc. — prompted memories of anti-smoking campaigns in 1960s comics, and the image here from TV21 #21 coincidentally arrived in my mailbox this morning.

Anti Smoking Ad: A Shock for Bully Brown

Anti Smoking Ad: A Shock for Bully Brown

Of course it would be difficult to run such a campaign now. I don’t think you can even feature smoking in comics in the UK unless it’s an “adult” comic — although that doesn’t explain how Simpsons Comics get away with it…

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  1. I remember that. An anti-smoking message portrayed as a Mod vs Rocker fight. Brilliant! (Artist was Tom Kerr, who drew lots of stuff for Lion etc. He also did a weekly advert strip for Wayfinders shoes which appeared in the comics, if anyone remembers that.)

    Lew Stringer

  2. Were the Wayfinder shoes the ones with a compass in the sole?

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