Birmingham Comics Festival has big plans for its Comic Art Show next month

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Next month sees the debut of the Birmingham Comics Festival – a series of events that take place throughout the city which includes the Birmingham Comic Art Show at Birmingham City University, a free convention-style event which will take place on 24th June 2017.

“People kept referring to art show convention as the Birmingham Comics Festival,” organising team member Paul H. Birch told downthetubes, “when it is only one of the components of it.

“This has been a personal bugbear, and something that those interested in investing financially in the festival long-term found disturbing.”

Subtly rebranding the convention as the Birmingham Comic Art Show has been done with the blessing of Phil Clarke, who instigated the original shows under that name, back in the days when there were only two regular, major British comic conventions, the other being London’s United Kingdom Comic Art Convention  (UKCAC).

The Birmingham Comic Art Show will feature an exhibition of original and rare comic book art; exhibitors offering a diverse range of publications, with rare books, original art, plus the latest titles available; demonstrations & practical workshops; a full range of panel discussions, interviews with star guests and creators, professional critiques from publishers and editors, through to competitions and activities for all – with cosplayers in their full regalia and an all-important inclusivity guaranteed to make sure kids aren’t left out on having any of the fun!

While some planned BCF events for this year will now take place in 2018, when Birmingham celebrates its fiftieth anniversary of hosting comic book conventions in the UK, Paul is confident that this year’s Birmingham Comic Art Show will prove a worthwhile “apéritif” for things to come next year and the event will reflect the long-term commitments the Birmingham Comics Festival has planned.

 In the run up to BCAS, there will also be another excellent WILD About Comics event for kids at Birmingham’s Conservation Park, film shows and talks at various venues across the city, and an exhibition of art by Hunt Emerson is also soon to be announced.

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